Kameron the Kangaroo Jumps Over the Moon (Paperback)

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Kameron the Kangaroo Jumps Over the Moon By P. a. Tompkins Cover Image
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Kameron is not your average kangaroo. Born with a gigantic heart, he was also born with very small legs. And legs are what make a kangaroo, well... a kangaroo. In Kameron's village, every young kangaroo must go through three tests to be recognized as an young adult. With the help of an old 'roo, creative problem solving, and a lot of determination, the challenges will be great for Kameron. Will Kameron find the strength in his heart, and his little legs, to pass the greatest test of his life: jumping over the moon?'Kameron the Kangaroo' is a transitional chapter book every child can relate to and is perfect for school and children of all reading levels. Make 'Kameron the Kangaroo' your first choice for the classroom, a road trip, or your bookshelf at home.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780615933603
ISBN-10: 0615933602
Publisher: Patrick Tompkins
Publication Date: December 11th, 2013
Pages: 72
Language: English