Wilbert the Wombat Social Distances: Teaching Children Kindness and Healthy Habits (Paperback)

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Wilbert the Wombat Social Distances: Teaching Children Kindness and Healthy Habits By Jamie Brooke, Moch Fajar Shobaru (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Jamie Brooke, Moch Fajar Shobaru (Illustrator)
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Even the animals in Australia are socially distancing Mysterious flu has spread from the brightly colored lorikeets to their friends and neighbors, and it's making everyone very anxious. Doctor Kookaburra and the first line workers at Gum Tree Hospital are helping to take care of the sick animals. But Doctor Kookaburra also needs to come up with a cure and stop the spread quickly.

Wilbert the Wombat and his friends in the animal town of Fig Tree are told to spend more time at home and practice social distancing when out and about.

And this is how this picture book's heartwarming story of self-care and compassion begins. Wilbert must learn how to take care of himself so that he and his friends can be healthier and not spread the flu any further.

If they can succeed, Wilbert and his kangaroo, wallaby, flying squirrel and emu friends can save many lives and travel to adventurous places again Do you think they can do it?

This rhyming book for kids is a culturally relevant and very relatable tale as it parallels the current coronavirus pandemic affecting the world. It is a beautifully illustrated children's book about Wilbert the Wombat and his Aussie friends, and helps kids and parents alike learn why we stay home, wear masks, social distance, and show compassion during an unexpected pandemic similar to Covid 19.

This school-age kids book is for young readers aged 5-8 years old. It is also for parents and teachers with children of any age. And last but not least, for the kids at heart. There is no age limit to the magic that lives in books.

"A heartwarming story about our new favorite character, Wilbert This book teaches the importance of taking care of yourself and others. It is a wonderful tool to help explain illnesses, and the pandemic to little ears." - Caitlyn Wallinger, Author of Mother Mule

"The world is changing and it can be confusing, difficult, and scary. I appreciate this book for giving little minds a fresh perspective and insight into what it all means." - Bryan Kennedy, Founder of Sincerely Inc

"The message is great and helped us explain social distancing to him in a fun way that he could understand. I highly recommend it." - Ryan (starred review)

"This story takes a serious subject and makes it understandable for kids, plus they can learn about Australian animals too." - Rosalie (starred review)

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ISBN: 9780645287509
ISBN-10: 0645287504
Publisher: Brave Moon Publishing
Publication Date: September 8th, 2021
Pages: 28
Language: English