My love forever (Paperback)

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Looking for a cute way to put the kids to bed?

The best way is a bedtime story about swans. A cute and short bedtime story, for kids 3 4 5 6 7 8 years old. Here's a good 5 minute bedtime story that will quietly get kids ready for bed.

We were all kids once, and loved to play all day, and when night came, instead of getting ready for bed and sleep, we demanded to keep the fun going Now it's all reversed for us. Read a short story, a very cute bedtime story about a little swan, make bedtime cute for your child.

A story about swans includes:
  • Cute poems, will tell of a parent's love, and will quietly prepare children for bedtime.
  • Simple illustrations, will show a child, a cute parent-child love story.
  • A short story about a little bird, will easily put a child to bed, every time.

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About the Author

With an expansive imagination and creative talent, best-selling author Dylan Pitston brings his magical world to life with beautiful illustrations and easy to read stories. Children of all ages will be inspired and educated through each of stories, each focused important life-lessons, and teach children great values that they will take on in life. Dylan Pitston lives in San Antonio Texas with his wife and their four children. "It can be difficult to teach children the value of certain lessons and the importance of reading, that's why my goal has always been to engage children on their level and bring them into the story so that they are inspired to read, learn and understand the values behind each lesson. Story time was always a powerful bonding time for my children and me, that's why I try and make it as fun as possible!"
Product Details
ISBN: 9781722401535
ISBN-10: 1722401532
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 5th, 2018
Pages: 34
Language: English