Krissy Braves the Stage (Hardcover)

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Krissy Braves the Stage By Morgan Pinales, Elena Harman (Illustrator), Bryony Van Der Merwe (Designed by) Cover Image
By Morgan Pinales, Elena Harman (Illustrator), Bryony Van Der Merwe (Designed by)
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Krissy the flamingo decides to audition for her favorite reality TV singing competition. There's just one small problem: Krissy is a terrible singer.

Krissy is a fun-loving flamingo who adores singing karaoke. When auditions for her favorite reality TV competition come to her hometown, Krissy's friends convince her to audition -- even though she's never sung in front of an audience before

When Krissy summons the courage to perform on stage for the first time, she realizes that she loves entertaining more than anything in the world and never wants to do anything else. Unfortunately, her feeling of joy is cut short when she overhears other contestants making fun of her singing. She runs out of the theater, heartbroken and embarrassed, determined never to show her face in public again.

But while Krissy's performance may not have impressed the other contestants, it does catch the eye of someone extraordinary who shows Krissy that perfection isn't all it's cracked up to be and that you truly shine when you believe in yourself.

Early elementary school children will love examining the vivid details of 34 bright, beautiful, full-page illustrations of Krissy the flamingo and her animal pals. Even parents and teachers who don't do character voices will enjoy reading aloud the story of Krissy's emotional experience and eventual triumph. (The book also includes a few humorous references just for the adult readers that are sure to elicit a smile.) Krissy Braves the Stage is an excellent "crossover book" for kids who usually prefer television over literature.

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ISBN: 9781737194507
ISBN-10: 1737194503
Publisher: Paperhat Publishing
Publication Date: June 20th, 2021
Pages: 34
Language: English