The Rising (Paperback)

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When notorious mafia boss Danny Black and lethal assassin James Kelly join forces to hunt down a mutual, elusive nemesis that threatens to destroy them both and take control of their city, they know they will be entering a deadly game. A game they must win if they are ever going to live in peace with the women they love away from crime, corruption, and death. But peace is an illusion, love is a daily torment, and death will always follow them. As power starts to slip from their grasp, enemies re-emerge, and old, personal demons return to haunt them both, they finally accept they can never leave their world if they want to stay alive. So they need to protect it at all costs. No matter the consequences. No matter the losses. No matter the pain. They must make choices no men should make. Kill more ruthlessly, love more fiercely, and hate with more rage than ever before. They're capable. Ready. But nothing prepares them for the secrets they uncover and the betrayals they face. Or the personal sacrifices they must make to rise again. Two men.One goal.No mercy. This is The Rising.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781957597980
ISBN-10: 1957597984
Publisher: Jodi Ellen Malpas Ltd
Publication Date: February 14th, 2023
Pages: 598
Language: English