Cornflake Gone Clucky (Paperback)

Cornflake Gone Clucky By Joanie Patyk Cover Image
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Nancy Jo has experienced a crushing loss, her dear mother has passed away. She promised her mom she would "turn lemons into lemonade". It is easier said than done, but spunky Nancy Jo is determined to keep her promise. Nancy Jo and her brother Cal live at rustic Cork Pine Cottage with their widower dad, Ranger Kimball. Nancy Jo just turned thirteen and is an official teenager. She springs back to life and into a new hobby, raising baby chicks and ducklings Nancy Jo is thrilled with the mini farm now living in the cottage bathroom. Nancy Jo's favorite hen, Cornflake suddenly discovers her life's purpose. Cornflake wants to become a mom She longs to bounce fuzzy baby chicks on her knee Without a rooster her dreams of becoming a mom are impossible. As each day passes Cornflake becomes desperate. She refuses to believe her eggs "are only good for breakfast". Join Nancy Jo and her colorful feathered friends in the wild countryside for an adventure filled with laughter as well as tears. This heartwarming story will resonate with animal lovers of all ages. As a read aloud for the littles under 8, ideal for tweens but adults will enjoy it also.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798215465844
Publisher: Joanie Patyk
Publication Date: November 4th, 2022
Pages: 162
Language: English