Honeybunny the Unipuppy Visits Japan (Paperback)

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Honeybunny the Unipuppy Visits Japan By Suzie Bell, Renata Bell Cover Image
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"Honeybunny the Unipuppy Visits Japan" is not just an entertaining tale (or tail ) for 3-8 year olds; it's a pre-travel companion that ignites the imagination and prepares young minds for a real-life adventure. Whether your family is preparing to travel to Japan or simply exploring from the comfort of your home, this book is a gateway to a world of wonder and discovery.

Embark on a whirlwind adventure with Honeybunny the unicorn puppy (a unipuppy ) the most endearing globetrotter you'll ever meet. With her iridescent unicorn horn and paws that itch for exploration, she flies across the skies looking to explore new places and cultures. With her sparkling horn and wagging tail, Honeybunny explores Japan's bustling cities and ancient temples. Each page offers a delightful glimpse into Japanese culture, as Honeybunny savors sushi, rides the bullet train, participates in a traditional tea ceremony, and marvels at cherry blossom festivals.

The engaging narrative and vibrant illustrations transport children to Japan's unique landscapes, immersing them in an enriching cultural experience. Educational elements are seamlessly woven into the story, introducing children to the language, food, and traditions, and fostering a love for exploration and open-mindedness. As an additional bonus, kids can capture their checklist of experiences while they themselves travel to Japan, making the book an activity book that captures their own memories as well.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798860572232
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2023
Pages: 26
Language: English