Flat Creek Farm Adventures: The Cold Winter and the Wedding (Hardcover)

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Flat Creek Farm Adventures: The Cold Winter and the Wedding By Angel Smith Cover Image
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One cold and snowy day on a little farm called Flat Creek Farm, the caretaker, named Ms. Morgan, noticed that all the animals on the farm were all bunched up in a circle as if they were looking at something. Ms. Morgan jumped into action to call Doc Collett, the veterinarian, for help. Ms. Morgan and the farm critters waited with anticipation on what Doc and his assistant, Nicky, had to tell them about the little calf named Donna Kay.

Lindsay, the squirrel, and Buddy, the president of the farm council, who is a Jack Russell dog, along with all the other farm animals had to act quick and hold a council meeting for the upcoming wedding that was going to take place on the farm.

Ms. Morgan wanted the farm to be in tip-top shape for the wedding, and with the help of the animals mending fences and decorating with flowers and ribbons, the wedding is bound to be a great success. The only problem was that there was a bunch of chores to do, and they were running out of time.

It's amazing what Ms. Morgan and the animals can accomplish when they get their heads together and work as a team

Product Details
ISBN: 9798885405942
Publisher: Christian Faith
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2022
Pages: 30
Language: English