Max & Jules: How to Be Brave (Hardcover)

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Max & Jules: How to Be Brave By Chantelle Moynihan-Rector, Laura Hafer (Illustrator) Cover Image
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Max & Jules: How to be Brave is a book about a retired police dog named Max and his sister, a skittish housedog named Jules.

Max wonders if Jules is really a cat. A scaredy cat. Jules shows Max that she is very much a dog but begins to wonder why she is afraid of so many things, and Max isn't. Jules asks Max why he is not afraid of things. Max says he is afraid sometimes; he is just brave. Jules is confused and wonders how you can be brave but still afraid. Max tells her that being brave does not mean you are not afraid of things but can overcome your fears.

Max & Jules is a book about how it is OK to be afraid, but you don't want fear to hold you back. Max gives Jules and, hopefully, the kids who read the book strategies on how to overcome those fears.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798988549703
Publisher: Poor Farm Press, LLC
Publication Date: October 24th, 2023
Pages: 38
Language: English